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Course content

Pass CSA Courses LLC

The one-day weekend course will be divided up into didactic, clinical and open discussion sessions.

Didactic Session

The didactic session will comprise of the following key components that need to be mastered for the examination:

1. Essential data gathering when taking a focused history.

2. The best way to approach a patient and how to conduct a focused physical examination.

3. Essentials of counselling with respect to a particular clinical problem.

4. Writing an "ideal" clinical note.

5. Constructing a differential diagnosis and diagnostic plan.

The didactic session will also include discussion on why people fail the CSA.

Clinical Session

The highlight of our course is your chance to practice the examination on carefully trained simulated patients (SPs) under examination conditions. This session is essential for assessing and improving communication skills. We will give you feedback based on the SP assessment, your clinical note and our impressions on multiple different aspects of your performance.

All our instructors are practicing, experienced physicians from different clinical specialties. One of the course organizers has even successfully passed the CSA!

A comprehensive course manual will be provided.

During the discussion session, we will also provide informal advice about getting into residency programs in the USA.  You may also ask any questions regarding the CSA.
Our course is based in Philadelphia center city and is therefore very convenient for candidates taking the CSA.