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Past cases

The following are past cases encountered in the CSA.

Exam 1

1. Weight Loss, fatigue, yellow sclera
2. Dry irritating cough/ Dyspnoea
3. Forgetfulness
4. Weight loss/ Anxiety
5. Hemetemesis
6. Pain in epigastrium/ weight loss
7. Bloating sensation in the abdomen/ Indigestion
8. Fatigue/ Depression/ Post Traumatic Stress
9. Confusional Attacks
10. Leg Pain in Calf muscles

Exam 2

1. A man with htn. follow up visit.
2. Lady with TIA.
3. Lady with back pain.
4. A man with epigastric pain.
5. Constipation in a man,
6. 70 year old with h/o forgetfulness.
7. A man with tiredness
8. A very naughty girl 20 years old with cough.

Exam 3

1. Left sided weakness.
2. Chest pain in a diabetic female.
3. Chest pain in a sickle cell patient.
4. Chest pain in a middle age man.
5. Difuse abd pain in a 20y/o male.
6. Diarrhea in a 26y/o male.
7. Constipation in a 50 something y/o male.
8. Sore thraot in a 20+ y/o male.
9. Cough a 20 yo female.
10.Weakness & loss of weight in 45y/o male.
11.Lack of energy in a 50+ male.